Security Features

Keeping your information secure is Century Bank & Trust’s top priority. We offer several features in online banking that help keep your information secure while you are using our product.

Secure Login Features

In addition to the user ID and password, enhanced security features 2-Multi-Factor Authentication has been added to Online Banking users. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Is required and the user has different options to select from to receive the 2MFA code at time of login.

Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Provides peace of mind regarding Online Banking authentication
  • An easy option to add another layer of protection 
  • Usable anywhere at any time
  • Protects against phishing, pharming, dictionary attacks and keystroke logging viruses
  • Robust protection against unauthorized access, even with stolen password credentials

Small Business Computer Security Basics Guide

The FTC’s new web page offers specific information to help small businesses protect their networks and their customer data. This includes a new Small Business Computer Security Basics guide, which shares computer security basics to help companies protect their files and devices, train employees to think twice before sharing the business’s account information, and keep their wireless network protected, as well as how to respond to a data breach. It also has information on other cyber threats such as ransomware and phishing schemes targeting small businesses.

Small Business Computer Security Basics Guide